Installation guide for MyTaskManager? v2

Command line examples here is shown for Ubuntu. If you are on another Linux distro, please use their equivalent commands.


Minimum hardware requirement

  • 1GB RAM
  • Pentium IV
  • 28MB hardisk (without data)

Make sure Apache 2, MySQL 5 and PHP 5 are installed


  • To install Apache, PHP and MySQL, open Terminal and do the following steps:
    $ sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-cli
    $ sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client php5-mysql 
    $ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start @ restart(either one)
    $ sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start @ restart
  • Make sure Apache, PHP and MySQL are installed and running.
    $ apache2 -v
    $ mysql -V
    $ php -v
    $ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 status
    $ sudo /etc/init.d/mysql status
  • Apache modules mod_rewrite is necessary:
    • Enable it
      $ cd /etc/apache2/mods-enabled
      $ sudo a2enmod rewrite
    • Make sure AllowOverride is set to Allow by changing "AllowOverride None” to “AllowOverride All”.
      $ cd /etc/apache2/sites-available/
      $ sudo nano default
      <Directory "/var/www/">
         #AllowOverride None
         AllowOverride All
    • Restart Apache service.
  • These PHP modules are necessary (enabled them in php.ini):
    • php_cli (for command line interface)
    • php_mysql (to work with MySQL)
  • Mail transfer agent (eg Postfix, Sendmail)
    $ sudo apt-get install postfix

Get MyTaskManager? source

There are 2 ways of getting the source:

  • Download and extract, or
  • SVN checkout

Using SVN checkout is recommended if you'd like to get updates easily. This means that you don't have to manually download to apply updates. Updates frequency varies with version. For example, trunk is very active while branches are quite silent. Updates can be seen in  Timeline.

Download and extract


  • Go to "" and go to either branch (official release) or trunk (latest development)
  • Click "Zip Archive" at the bottom of the page. Save this zip file.
  • Unzip it in your web folder (eg. /var/www)
  • Rename the folder to 'taskmanager' or any name you wish.

SVN checkout


  • Install Subversion
    $ sudo apt-get install subversion
  • Check out MyTaskManager
    $ cd /var/www/
    $ svn co taskmanager
  • To update MyTaskManager
    $ cd /var/www/taskmanager
    $ svn update

Install MyTaskManager v2

Web based installation

1. Create the database

$ mysql -u root -p
Enter password: <--- enter your MySQL root password
Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g. 

mysql > CREATE DATABASE tm_db; 
mysql > GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON tm_db.* TO 'taskmanageruserhere'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'taskmanagerpasswordhere'; 
mysql > exit;

2. Go to  http://localhost/taskmanager/install to install.

  • Accept the license. Check 'Agree and Install' to proceed and click Next.

3. Give appropriate permission to files and folders as listed on the page. Make sure everything is in green color and click on 'Next' when it appears.

Please do the following inside the terminal to change the permission. Go inside /var/www/taskmanager/ and do as per below:

  • sudo chmod -R 777 app/tmp
  • sudo chmod -R 777 app/webroot
  • sudo chmod -R 777 app/config

An example on how to change the permission of the tmp/ folder is as below:

    $ su <--- key in root password when prompted
    $ chmod 777 /var/www/taskmanager/tmp/*
    $ exit

4. Fill up database information with the information when you created the database in previous step, and click on 'Submit'.

5. Select the language to use for MyTaskManager?. All default data will be installed in the language chosen. Currently 2 languages are offered (English and Malay). Take note that this will not affect the data that is going to be used later in MyTaskManager?. Click on 'Submit'.

6. Fill up agency information and system setting. These settings can be changed later in after installation.

7. Follow the post install steps to enable email function in MyTaskManager? and register. An email is set to be sent out to helpdesk@… containing the information filled in the form.

8. MyTaskManager? is now installed. The installation will create a configuration files tm.php & database.php in /var/www/taskmanager/app/config/...

Click on 'Register and go to MyTaskManager? now' to go to MyTaskManager? login page.

Set up cron/task scheduler (For Ubuntu)

  • To send out notifications (task delegation, changes on task status, comments) every 15 min everyday
    */15 * * * * /var/www/taskmanager/cake/console/cake -app /var/www/taskmanager/app cron emails > /dev/null 2>&1
  • To send out reminders to specific on their related tasks at 7am everyday
    0 7 * * * /var/www/taskmanager/cake/console/cake -app /var/www/taskmanager/app cron reminders > /dev/null 2>&1