TaskManager? V2


  • Task Manager is a web-based system for effective management of task delegation, assignment and follow-up monitoring
  • It is designed and developed with simplicity in mind, made to be user-friendly and easy to use


  • To enable HOD/Supervisor to keep track of the tasks in hand
  • To enable HOD/Supervisor to be informed about the latest status of the tasks
  • To enable task implementors (agencies/departments responsible for implementing the tasks) to report and update status to HOD


  • Multiple views of task including monthly calendar and listing view
  • Easy monitoring on task status and deadlines
  • Information access control mechanism to allow implementer to access their own assignments only
  • Automated email template mechanism with system-wide templates and customized templates in each workgroup
  • Multiple workgroup structure
  • Access control mechanism to support for multiple workgroups with multiple levels
    • one person can be involved in multiple workgroups
    • the person can play different role in different workgroup, therefore with different access level in each workgroup
    • smart “inheritance” of access control in hierarchical workgroup structure
  • Strengthen security for user login and access
  • Web based system installation mechanism for easy deployment and roll-out


Please report any bugs here by submitting new tickets (you have to have an account first - registration is easy).


  • Installation guide is here

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