Submit patches

If you're a developer, you can help by submitting patches. Patches can be anything from fixing bugs to add in new enhancement features to submitting a new skin.

You need to be authorized to be able to commit to the project trunk. Please email development [at] with subject "MyMeeting: Request to participate as developer". Let us know your past work and contributions so we that know who you are.

Further instructions will be sent in the email.

Things you need to know

  • MyMeeting was developed using  cakePHP framework
  • Version control for repository is SVN
  • You have to use SVN client to checkout the codes
    $ sudo apt-get install subversion # on ubuntu
    $ yum install subversion # on centos

Quick guide

  • Checkout the repository
    $ cd /var/www/mymeeting2
    $ svn co mymeeting
  • To update to the latest HEAD (latest commit).
    $ cd /var/www/mymeeting
    $ svn update
    This can be done repeatedly to update your working trunk with latest work committed by other developers.
  • Do your changes and test it out. Retest it. Make sure it doesn't break the working tree.
  • Once that's done, create a patch for your work.
    $ svn diff > /path/to/patchfile.patch
  • Submit your patch by emailing it to development [at] with some description about your patch

Notes for developers on Windows

Steps above are the same if you're on Windows. Try see  TortoiseSVN for your svn client if you're more comfortable with GUI.