Write documentation/manual/tutorials

You can help by writing documentation/manual for MyMeeting. What you need to write documentation:

  • User account - user account in here is syncronised with  OSCC Knowledge Bank. Please register there and come back here for login.
  • Access to modify wiki pages - please email your request to development at oscc dot org dot my, and provide your username registered in OSCC Knowledge Bank, and state which part you would like to contribute.


  • Login with your username and password registered in OSCC Knowledge Bank.
  • After login, you will see 'Edit this page' at the bottom. Click the button to edit.
  • Make your editing. You can make use of WikiFormatting and TracWiki for help on editing wiki content.
  • Click on 'Preview' button to preview the page you have edited. Click on 'Submit Changes' to submit. It is advisable to fill in comment field about the change you have made before you click 'Submit Changes'.