Submit bugs / enhancement requests

You can help by submitting bugs you have discovered or enhancement requests you would like to see in next MyMeeting release. Bugs and enhancements are managed using tickets so you need to submit tickets for each case. Each ticket will be evaluated by OSCC MAMPU, put it under priority queue and incorporate the changes in next release.

You need to have an account to to do this. User account in here is syncronised with  OSCC Knowledge Bank. Please register there and come back here to login.

If you want to be subscribed to the bug/enhancement you're submitting, go to Settings on top menu and update your email address. This means any updates on it will be emailed to you.

Once logged in, click on 'New Ticket' on the top bar menu and enter the details. The details can be in English or Malay.

  • Short summary: describe the problem in brief (eg. Clicking 'Submit' doesn't save the meeting')
  • Type: Please select bug if it's a bug or enhancement if it's a enhancement. If you're not sure, leave it as bug.
  • Full description:
    • The event leading to the bugs and the error that you found
    • MyMeeting version you're using (see the bottom of your MyMeeting page)
    • Which browser you're using
    • The OS you're using
  • Ticket properties: leave all fields empty - to be updated by OSCC MAMPU
  • Tick the checkbox for "I have files to attach to this ticket" if you have files to attach (screenshot, report format, etc)

Click on 'Submit' to submit the ticket. If you tick the checkbox, you will be redirected to a page to attach files. Click 'Submit'.

Your ticket will be listed in 'View Tickets'. You can see the progress by clicking on it to view its Change History.

Examples on submitting bugs

Example attaching file when submitting a ticket